creative process.

I've been asked who my favourite photographers are, or which photographers inspire me, more times than I care to remember. And although I have a couple I really like, they're not really where I draw inspiration from. For a long time, I thought I was doing it all wrong and that I was a strange mutant creature for not having photographers that I love. So I thought I'd share part of my creative process, using what I'm currently working on, a series called 'twenty four', as the example. 

Things usually start with a vague colour scheme in mind. So in this case it was pink and blue. Especially barbie bright bubblegum pinks, and softer sky blues. I think colours help create a sense of what the mood will be and things tend to springboard off that. If I have a mood or feeling for the work, then I'll create a playlist. I'm not sure if it's putting the mix together, or listening to it lots of times once it's made, but music is the key to my creative soul! This is the playlist of the moment:

So after all that, I finally start looking at images. I go through different blogs and websites, and some of my old inspiration folders, sometimes I watch movies with similar themes and then I'll put together a little mood board like the one below. I'll also usually have a cut and paste day into my visual diary with added drawings- mainly for therapeutic purposes. It's at this point I'll usually have image ideas of my own, and be scribbling them down and organising shoots. This isn't an exact formula, but these are the 3 main steps I take before I create some magic. 

The series of work that this all relates to will hopefully be finished next month, and I'll share the finished product with you then.